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I should be in the bed place.

Yoga class again tonight.  This will not be a yoga blog.  I swear to it.  But.

Tonight’s class was definitely more of a challenge.  I’m definitely getting a better sense of the basic poses (warrior 1 and 2, triangle, pyramid, dolphin, the-dog-that-faces-downward, ooh, how I love that).  A moon salutation, which was cool.  My arms feel especially tired, and I don’t know why because I think we were supposed to be working the lower half tonight.  We did the yogic equivalent of leg-lifts, which made me want to sob (I do not have what the professionals call a “core”)`.  At one point we did the standing-on-one-leg-while-bent-forward-and-sticking-your-other-leg-out-behind-you pose.  And the arm in the air.  I could do one side of that pose but not the other.  Strange: trying to balance on my left leg proved painfully impossible.  Just as we were leaving the class, I tried it again and felt fine.  Not only could I balance, but there was no pain.  We-eird.

What else.  Hmm.  I got singled out again.  The instructor corrected my downward-facing dog, a long-time friend pose that I thought I had nailed back in 1999.  She gave me a reel of instruction, none of which I couldn’t follow, and suddenly I was transported back to ballet class: at the bar, in first position, butt sticking out because I was five and that’s what my butt did, and the ballerina pressing her yardstick against my back to show what “good” posture is and for heaven’s sake, tuck in your rear!

Followed up the class with a Pinkberry yogurt, which makes me the tritest example of an LA person imaginable.  Yoga followed with frozen yogurt.

It was good, nevertheless.  Both.