just so I don’t have a gaping yawn of nothing.

OK, warning: fluff.

I wanted to start this blog on the right foot, with a smart, nifty post, but it’s late, I’m tired, and I don’t like virtual emptiness. Thus the fluff.

Yesterday, in an attempt to both submerge myself in Los Angeles culture and to find an activity that has proven successful before, I plonked some quid down on a two-week trial of all-you-can-yoga yoga. Joining this particular studio felt something like a job interview: I went in for a consultation, filled out a rather extensive personal history form, and discussed my prior practice and current physical health with at least two different consultants before receiving a tailor-made trial schedule of no less than 24 yoga classes (my consultant laughed and said I couldn’t possibly get to them all, and I laughed too, but kind of, you know, not that hard). This studio is a bit trendy for my usual tastes but I liked that no one assumed that my number one reason to practice yoga was weight loss or even exercise and that they all seemed to believe me when I asserted that while I’m not strong, I’m actually pretty flexible.

The one thing I noticed that didn’t strike me as so hot was the lack of fat or round bodies. Everyone was LA thin. But this is LA.


Tomorrow I try my first class. I’ll report whatever happens unless I write a real post about something that matters.



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